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Outlook or Thunderbird?



  • cPanelMichael
    Hello, There are several third-party email clients available for use across multiple operating systems. Outlook and Thunderbird are widely used, so you may want to go with one of those two if you are a new user and need access to a wide range of support and documentation. Thank you.
  • brt
    Outlook is the more "professional" one as it's part of Microsoft Office and lots of corporations utilize it, but we've switched a lot of our smaller business clients to Thunderbird because it's so lightweight. Search is instant vs. Outlook taking foorreevveerr to search through mail that's locally on the freakin' computer. Just my two cents.
  • Tony304
    I had the similar question as well. Probably i shall own Thunderbird. Shall i own any Backup tool like Mail Backup X or the Thunderbird already comes with some inbuilt function to store my mails safe enough?
  • Jake Balls
    Thanks for your suggestion, everyone. I configured my mails to Thunderbird through POP. I tested the Mail Backup X tool, which Tony304 named. Works really good. I can store my mails at two different locations simultaneously. This was something I was actually looking for.

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