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cPanel Technical Support has been heavily impacted by hurricane Beryl and our ability to respond to tickets has been hindered as a result. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we address these delays.

AWS cPanel machine image



  • cPanelKenneth
    Hi Jimlongo, Q1: the AMIs come with trial licenses. To use CloudLinux and cPanel & WHM beyond their trial period requires a paid license to those products. The AMIs use the "Bring Your Own License" model. Q2: Yes, you can upgrade the AMI-based cPanel & WHM to the latest version. The version in the AMI is simply the latest AMI approved by Amazon. We have a newer one pending approval, but no timeline on that. Q3: CloudLinux is great if you will have multiple users on the server. It allows you to keep the users, and their websites, separated from other users.
  • jimlongo
    Thanks. Someone should really clear up the pages at AWS. The word trial doesn't appear anywhere. I'm glad I asked because that was certainly not what those pages lead me to believe.

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