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Download Paper Lantern WHM THeme ball?



  • cPanelLauren
    Hello, You're looking at WHM themes, there's never been a paper_lantern WHM theme, this is only for cPanel. All cPanel accounts should now be using the paper_lantern style now as well.
  • Ishware
    Thank you for the reply. I forgot to come back here and post the solution to my issue, which was missing files from theme (don't know why). Found an old thread that recommended doing a forced cpanel update, i.e. from commandline: `/scripts/upcp --force` That did resolve that issue. Again, thank you for the reply! My apologies for the mischaracterization of the issue " basically, the new login look for WHM and cPanel went away, and the old x style was there. I saw in... some log somewhere that I don't remember now that it noted the files were missing so falling back to that.... But I don't remember when I saw that vs. when I made this thread as I'm fighting several problems on the server. :) But at least the solution that worked is now in this thread for anyone else having that problem! :)

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