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I do not understand this screen



  • cPanelKenneth
    Hi, I agree, this presentation is very confusing. All the items displayed in your picture are informational. If you click the 'Save Settings' button your server configuration will not change.
  • globcom
    Thank you Kenneth ! I started to freak out :)
  • ffeingol
    We've just gotten used to it. If there is no radio button to enable/disable we interpret it as simply informational (which I believe is the intention). If there is a radio button it's only going to change things if you change it from it's current settings. We just always hope (and this has been the way recently) that all new features are disabled by default and we (as the host) decide if/when to enable them. Since we have a fair amount of cPanel servers ( and the updates are spread over 2 or more weeks) it can be a short term support nightmare having the servers out of sync with features/options.

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