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Multiple IPs on AWS and cPanel



  • Bob1965
    In your WHM you can add a second IP to the server if it is assigned to you by searching in whm for "add new ip". This should be located in Home >> IP Functions >> Add a New IP Address Place the IP address in the field and press submit. If it all works out, you can assign the reseller of the affected hosting accounts are on the second IP. Not sure if that is what you are looking for but it is a solution to get the website needing to be on a separate IP address than the main server IP. Regards, Bob
  • cPanelLauren
    You shouldn't need to change the IP address completely. How have you gone about contacting Hotmail? What is the rejection code they provide with your IP ( this is usually in the bounceback or the exim logs) Typically as long as you're not spamming and you're ensuring you have configured your rDNS, DKIM and SPF correctly you can fully avoid this. The following goes over these items How to Keep Your Email Out of the Spam Folder | cPanel & WHM Documentation

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