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Does DNS-Only cpanel require MySQL?



  • cPSean
    Hello, MySQL is not explicitly required for DNS-Only servers, in the past MySQL was used for the MyDNS nameserver, Eximstats, and cPhulkd. We no longer use MySQL for cPhulkd or Eximstats and MyDNS has been deprecated as of version 78. You can safely disable MySQL if you're not using it for any other service.
  • electric
    Excellent. Thanks! We're not using eximstats or cphulk. Hmmm... Is there a way to disable MySQL on a DNS-Only server? I just noticed the enable/disable checkbox for MySQL Service on the Service Configuration " Service Manager page is grayed out, so we can't disable it.
  • cPSean
    Hello, You can use the operating system to disable the service from starting on boot. CentOS 7 : systemctl disable mysql
    CentOS 6: chkconfig mysql off
    You will also want to make sure you stop the service if you haven't already: CentOS 6: /etc/init.d/mysql stop
    CentOS 7: systemctl stop mysql
    After those steps are complete MySQL won't be started again.

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