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One cPanel Solo license / WordPress Toolkit question



  • cPanelTJ
    Hi Ben, With WordPress Toolkit, any site can be cloned and any clone or site can be copied to an existing site in an effort to push updates from a clone or development/staging site. Not only does WordPress Toolkit include a feature to backup sites, but with all important actions (such as copying data from a clone, applying updates, etc.) there is the opportunity to create a Restore Point. When copying data from a site to another, you are provided with a choice to copy the entire database, only specific parts of the database, or nothing from the database. Site changes are completely copied during this process. One other very valuable feature of WordPress Toolkit is Smart Updates, which creates a temporary clone, applies updates based on your site's settings, and then allows you to compare the changes side-by-side in the UI (see video below). Only after accepting these changes will the updates be applied to the live site. We did a live demo of WordPress Toolkit back in November that walks through a lot of the features you're curious about. Here is the link to the full video: - Cloning a Site
  • benjaminb
    Thank you for the info and reply! Very helpful. Cheers, Ben

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