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How to grant root user all privileges while skip-grant-table is enabled



  • cPanelAnthony
    Hello! The
  • Inna
    No, the issue is when skip-grant-tables is enabled, I cannot run queries like SET, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE. But I only can run SELECT. When skip-grant-tables is disabled, I cannot login to mysql. When I see mysql table with skip-grants enabled, I see all _priv rows' values are Y. What I mean is when you click on root under user column which opens a new tab. There, root@localhost does not have any privileges and cannot manipulate other users (including itself).
  • HostNoc
    HI Can you please run following commands and then test GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON . TO 'root'@'%'WITH GRANT OPTION; mysql> FLUSH PRIVILEGES; Regards HostNoc

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