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Where to find reason for 554 5.7.1 rejection



  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator
    Hey there! I wouldn't expect there to be logs on the recipient server if the message was blocked at the network level. The most information you will get is likely in the bounceback message itself, so it's possible there could be more details in your own local exim_mainlog file.
  • Rachel S
    "SMTP code ""554 5.7.1"" means ""Not Allowed."" Such error can occur if the 'Mail From' have insufficient submission rights, is invalid, or is not authorized with the authentication used. Possible causes: Due to Spam from your domain, the IP address has been added to a Real-Time Blacklist. The recipient has blacklisted your domain or IP address. How to fix the issue: Make sure your IP address or network isn't labeled as a spam source from the outside. See the Symantec IP Reputation Investigation for more information. Besides, you need to check commands for logs, below mentioned command may help you find the command. The path to the primary log for Exim: You can search this file using the ""exigrep"" utility. EX: Also, check if the IP address or domain is blacklisted, you can check it from the MX toolbox."

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