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Safe to turn off Swap space with 256GB of RAM with 50-70GB of RAM used at all times?



  • SimpleSonic
    Hello, I am thinking of turning off swap space since my server has 256GB or RAM with 50-70GB of RAM used at all times. It currently has 4GB of swap space for usage. Also swap space has 0,8-2GB used space on average. Anyone has any idea what would be the best option for performance? Thank you

    What type of disks are you using? If using SSD or NVMe disks, turning off swap is suggested depending on how much RAM you are using and from the sounds of it, your memory usage is minimal, so you should be good.
  • Nermin
    I have turned it off, and will be monitoring it. And yes, I am using SSD in RAID 0 config. Thank you!

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