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AccelerateWP versus LiteSpeed Cache For WordPress on CloudLinux



  • ffeingol
    This is prob. more of a question for the LSWS folks. Since LiteSpeed Cache is built by the LiteSpeed team, I would have a hard time believing that any 3rd party cache can work better.
  • Duplika
    I'm having the same question myself, specially since AccelerateWP Premium is so far, the only way to provide secure object cache for WordPress, in a shared hosting environment where cache is shared between all users, having potential security issues. Still, we are trying to avoid having for offer a paid upgrade to pay the $ 1,2 per site AccelerateWP Premium costs. Did anyone test Redis via Containers on CloudLinux?
  • JoseDieguez
    very happy with LSCache, we disable accelerateWP on all our servers.
  • Duplika
    I've shared a suggestion with the LiteSpeed team to hopefully, they create something like their
  • gnusys
    You can have per user redis compatible with Litespeed cache using third-party plugin
  • spaceman

    UPDATE: I'm not sure if, 6 months ago, I was correct when I stated:

    "We're currently running CL Standard, not Pro, and AccelerateWP runs on Pro, not Standard"

    But now (Dec '23) I can see that AccelerateWP is available to us with CloudLinux Standard (CL v.7.9 on one server and 8.9 on another).

    If you ARE running CloudLinux but NOT Litespeed, then you'd use AccelerateWP, because LSCWP isn't available.

    Conversely, if you're NOT running CloudLinux but ARE running Litespeed, then you'd use LSCWP because AccelerateWP isn't available.

    The dilemma comes when you're running both, like we are on two servers.


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