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OVH Server stuck at Grub prompt when booted to HDD



  • bellwood
    Did the OVH techs ensure bios settings were the same - UEFI v BIOS?
  • andrew.n
    Well it's a bit hard to say what exactly you need to do as every system is different but basically: 1. Boot it into rescue 2. Mount the partitions to their respective folders (/mnt/boot, /mnt/home etc..) myLoc managed IT AG - FAQ - How do I mount disks in rescue mode? 3. Double check your fstab file with your boot partition partition (cat /mnt/etc/fstab) 4. Reinstall grub on that partition (grub2-install /dev/XXX) 5. Try to restart server and see if that worked. Again this is just a genetal guidance but hopefully helps...

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