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Emails quota exceeds hosting plan quota



  • andrew.n
    You can set a quote for the mailbox itself and a quote for the account as well. The email quota can be adjusted if you login to the cPanel account, go to Email Accounts and adjust the email account in question.
  • cPanelWilliam
    Hello! If your customer's email account has a large amount of email in the trash folder, this will allow them to exceed the email or account quota if your server is not configured to count trash towards the quota. We have an article below detailing how to ensure that trash is included in the quota:
  • Oualid
    Therefore, it is impossible to add a single quota in the package, for example 10 GB, and the customer cannot exceed these 10 GB for the whole of the sum of all his data (email, ftp, ...)
  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator
    As long as you ensure that trash is included in the quota, this should not be an issue. Yes, the quota applies to all areas of the account, so you can't have a certain quota just for email.

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