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Malware scanners for cPanel - what options do I have right now?



  • quietFinn
    ConfigServer eXploit Scanner
  • techAMIGO
    Hello CrazySerb, There are several options available for malware scanning on cPanel servers beyond Immunify and ClamAV. Here are a few alternatives you can explore: Maldet (Linux Malware Detect): Maldet is a widely used open-source malware detection tool for Linux servers. It can scan files and directories for known malware signatures. It also provides options for email notifications and quarantine features. Maldet can work alongside ClamAV for enhanced security. CXS (ConfigServer eXploit Scanner): CXS is a commercial product developed by ConfigServer Services. It goes beyond malware scanning and also checks for potential vulnerabilities and exploits in scripts and files. CXS offers real-time scanning and integrates with various cPanel and WHM features. rkhunter (Rootkit Hunter): While not solely focused on malware, rkhunter is a popular tool to detect rootkits, backdoors, and other security vulnerabilities on Linux systems. It can complement other malware scanners by helping to identify potential compromised system files. Sucuri Scanner: Sucuri offers a website security platform that includes a malware scanner. While it's not a traditional cPanel plugin, it can be used to scan websites hosted on cPanel servers. Sucuri's scanner can detect malware and security vulnerabilities. Additionally, make sure to keep your software and security tools up to date for effective protection against emerging threats.
  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator
    @techAMIGO - rkhunter is no longer recommended as it hasn't had an update since 2018: The Rootkit Hunter project
  • SimpleSonic
    BitNinja is also another decent option.
  • retechpro
    I"ve listen a lot about BitNinja. You can use it

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