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AlmaLinux 8 vs 9


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  • MilesWeb

    Hello, ThGe,

    cPanel & WHM installation on an AlmaLinux OS server. We offer support for cPanel & WHM versions 110 and later on the AlmaLinux 8 operating system and for cPanel & WHM versions 114 and later on the AlmaLinux 9 operating system.

    In cPanel & WHM version 112, we added experimental support for AlmaLinux 9.

    If you use AlmaLinux 9 in a production environment on cPanel & WHM version 112, you may encounter unexpected errors.
    Do not attempt to install an older version of cPanel & WHM on AlmaLinux 9.

    Refer to the below latest or additional features get added in WHM 114

    New features
    Added Portuguese to supported languages
    In cPanel & WHM version 114, we added Portuguese to our supported languages. We also updated our Portuguese translations.

    Updated features
    Updated Spanish translations
    In cPanel & WHM version 114, we updated our Spanish translations.

    Updated the default AutoSSL provider
    In cPanel & WHM version 114, Let’s Encrypt™ is the default AutoSSL provider for new installations. When you upgrade from earlier versions, the upgrade will preserve your existing AutoSSL configuration. For more information, read our Guide to SSL documentation.

    Added support for MariaDB 10.11
    In cPanel & WHM version 114, we added support for MariaDB 10.11. For more information about cPanel & WHM’s supported MariaDB versions, read our Supported MySQL/MariaDB versions documentation. For more information about the changes in MariaDB 10.11, read MariaDB’s documentation.

    Disable pipelining setting added to Exim Configuration Manager
    In cPanel & WHM version 114, we added the Disable pipelining setting to the Basic Editor tab in WHM’s Exim Configuration Manager interface (WHM » Home » Service Configuration » Exim Configuration Manager). This setting tells Exim not to use pipelining when it delivers to remote hosts.

    Added two-factor authentication to Webmail
    In cPanel & WHM version 114, we added two-factor authentication (2FA) to the Webmail interface. This update allows our users to improve the security of their Webmail accounts.

    Added services to Manage Team
    In cPanel & WHM version 114, we added options for services to the Manage Team feature. Team owners can enable or disable the Email, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and Web Disk services when creating or editing team users.

    AlmaLinux OS 9 and Rocky Linux™ 9 out of experimental
    In cPanel & WHM version 114, AlmaLinux 9 and Rocky Linux 9 are now fully supported operating systems.

    Deprecated and removed items

    Appendix A: Third-party applications
    We use Ubuntu® servers to generate these lists. The specific version numbers and packages may vary slightly on AlmaLinux OS, CloudLinux™, and Rocky Linux™ servers. Since administrators may choose to update and change their servers’ packages, customized servers’ packages may vary.
    cPanel & WHM version 114 includes the following third-party applications:

    Refer to the below URL to check in detail

    Appendix B: New and modified API functions

    New UAPI functions

    export_lists - This function exports a cPanel account’s Mailman mailing lists into a CSV file. This file is located in the /mail/exported_lists directory, relative to the cPanel account’s home directory.

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