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Redirect/RewriteRule - Different Browsers



  • lmstearn

    Ehm, the forum software has been updated with no notifications, and replies have been nuked, specifically from this thread including this response - can it be recovered?

    I don't know what is your situation, but I know that browsers don't process .htaccess, browsers send requests to the webserver and show what the webserver returns.

    Indeed, the browsers certainly process the webserver messages, and if the webserver indicates to the browser that it has detected a change in the .htaccess file, then it would explain the outcome of the tests. The why's and wherefore's of that, or of the alternatives is open for comment.

  • lmstearn

    Hopefully, the other post will return, meanwhile, couple of observations:

    It's recommended to insert the generated cPanel redirect code at the top of the .htaccess file, else, as was in the use case, something either from WP or Litespeed clobbered it, even though excludes and defaults were used.

    The redirect from the subdirectory works only when the trailing backslash is removed. The redirect with the trailing backslash has been also configured, no dice with redirection, easy to verify with whatsmydns. Both browsers agree on this, at least, the issue still remains partially unsolved, as attempts to use code from various sources to insert trailing slashes impacts adversely on the loading of the main site.


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