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AlmaLinux vs CloudLinux 8 and migrating from CloudLinux 6.10



  • ffeingol

    I can't comment on the "managed" piece, as I would have no idea of what that really includes/benefits etc.

    We have not had any issues installing Alma V8 and then converting to CL.  We do that conversion before there are any accounts on the server and there are numerous things that we need to do before there are acocunts.

    IMHO the biggest risk your going to run into is MySQL V5.7 to MySQL V8.x.  We've had zero issues with WordPress sites, but we've had issues with older (supported) versions of Drupal.  Hand coded/custom sites are always iffy.

    My 2 cents for you.

  • Metro2

    Thank you both for the replies! I did think it was odd that I saw some people mentioning issues when switching-up, since since Alma was developed by CL.  I'm going to get the new boxes with Alma and convert to CL and see how it goes, because after more reading today it is clear that CL is superior for running a shared hosting environment / protecting users.

  • Damian

    I have just done what you are planning to do.

    MySQL was an issue for one site only. A custom system but the developer was able to fix the queries (they were backward compatible) before we moved him.

    Also check if the managed service will permit you to install/use the config server scripts.

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    I also am not aware of any issues with the conversion process from Alma -> CL.  That's exactly what CloudLinux is designed to do, so it would be surprising to me if you ran into problems with that portion of the work.

  • Metro2

    ffeingol - Indeed I will likely have a few clients that have older scripts that won't work on mySQL 8. All I can do for them is give them some notice so they can get with a host that still has 5.7 , as I can't hold everyone else (nor myself) back any longer.

    Thanks again for your input!

  • Metro2

    Damian - thank you for adding your input! Thankfully the new data center I'm using is familiar with CSF/LFD and even provides the bare-bones basic CSF by default with the server provisions. But if they hadn't, of course your reminder would be something I'd need!


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