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Installing cPanel/WHM with MySQL 5.1 on clean CentOS Install...



  • cPanelMichael
    Hello :) Downgrading MySQL is not supported or recommended. If you do not have any active databases and you want to attempt a downgrade, you would use these commands: /scripts/update_local_rpm_versions --edit target_settings.MySQL55 uninstalled /scripts/update_local_rpm_versions --edit target_settings.MySQL51 installed /scripts/check_cpanel_rpms --fix
    If you want to ensure that MySQL 5.1 is installed during a new installation of cPanel, you can run the following commands: mkdir /root/cpanel_profile vi /root/cpanel_profile/cpanel.config
    Ensure this line is added to the cpanel.config file when editing it: mysql-version=5.1
    You can then proceed with the cPanel installation. Thank you.
  • cPanelKenneth
    To have cPanel & WHM install MySQL 5.1 during a fresh install, do the following: 1. On your server do: mkdir /root/cpanel_profile 2. Create the following file: touch /root/cpanel_profile/cpanel.config 3. Add your specific MySQL version to that file: echo 'mysql-version=5.1' >> /root/cpanel_profile/cpanel.config 4. Download and run the cPanel & WHM installer. More information on pre-configuration is found here: [url=]Advanced Options: Pre-Installation

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