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Permissions issues



  • MatthewM.
    Hey there! The public html should have the ownership of user:nobody and should be set to 750. You can set that with: chown user:nobody /home/$user/public_html chmod 750 /home/$user/public_html If you can't get it going with that then I'd suggest opening up a ticket with us so we can take a look for you :) You can post the ticket number here so we can update this thread with the outcome. Thanks!
  • cornelombaard
    Thank you for the quick response. The permissions are set exactly like you say here and the folder belongs to nobody. I have changed all the folder (inside public_html) permissions to 777 and still I get the permission problem. It is like the user nobody does not have enough permissions inside the directory public_html to enable the creation of folders or the change of folder permissions. I have a VPS with a hosting company and so I doubt if I have support from CPane on that and they hosting company keep telling me nothing is wrong but it is clearly I managed to create a support ticket 4343333
  • cPanelMichael
    Hello :) It's likely better that you use suPHP as your PHP handler so you do not have to manually modify the permissions on directories to insecure values. You can change your PHP handler via: "WHM Home " Service Configuration " Configure PHP and suEXEC" You can review the considerations for suPHP at: suPHP Considerations Thank you.

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