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SSL dedicated IP to shared IP with SNI



  • quietFinn
    If you go to WHM-> SSL/TLS -> Manage SSL Hosts you see that "Is Primary Website on IP Address?" for that domain is "Yes". If the certificate is the only one on that IP address then I am afraid there is nothing you can do. The normal configuration is that you have a certificate for your server's hostname, and you can set that certificate as the "Shared SSL Certificate" and the "Primary Website on IP Address".
  • cPanelMichael
    Hello :) You could generate a self-signed certificate for the hostname of the server, install it, and then make it the primary SSL certificate via: "WHM Home " SSL/TLS " Manage SSL Hosts" This will ensure the hostname of the server is used instead of the domain name as the default SSL certificate. The only other workaround is to assign a dedicated IP address to the account with the SSL certificate. Thank you.
  • Tom Risager
    Thanks for your responses, I must have misunderstood that aspect of the SNI feature. Tom

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