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Is there a way to copy 1 cPanel account on another existing account



  • Aaron.Edwards
    If you definetly require to copy the account from one to another and remove the old account, yes you can do it. But i suggest you to just change the domain name, as you have mentioned it in your previous post, changin the domain name for an account is very easy. WHM=> Modify An account => Select the user => Change the domain name. Should you still require the steps to copy the account from one to another and remove the old account ? Let me know.
  • cPanelMichael
    Hello :) There are no native options in cPanel/WHM that will allow you to merge two accounts into one. Instead, you can manually copy over files/databases from one account to another. Or, if there is no content on the second account, you may consider using the following option as indicated in the post above: "WHM Home " Account Functions " Modify an Account" Then, simply add the original domain name to the account as a Parked or Addon domain name. Thank you.

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