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upcp updating rvsitebuilder



  • cPanelKenneth
    [quote="mindnetcombr, post: 1465352">Hello, Last week I found something new for me: upcp updating rvsoft plugins, like rvsitebuilder and rvskins. [url=]Webpage Screenshot - WebHost Manager Is possible disable this? I wish update rvsoft plugins as before, doing a manual update. Why? Because a lot of times I saw rvsitebuilder update failures, and this let the plugin broken while rvsoft support fix the issue. In my servers I always update one server to test the update and then update all the servers after this, to avoid break rvsoft plugins in many servers at same time. Anyone know if is possible disable this?
    You might want to ask on the rvskin forum.
  • mindnetcombr
    [quote="cPanelKenneth, post: 1465461">You might want to ask on the rvskin forum.
    Kenneth, Yes, I agree. I post first here because I dont understand how a software like rvskin, can force upcp (a cpanel script) to update rvskin + rvsitebuilder. Thank
  • ThinIce
    This is possible through postupcp (actions actually run after upcp has finished), might want to take a look at that on your own box [url=]cPanel & WHM Script Hooks
  • mindnetcombr
    [quote="ThinIce, post: 1465972">This is possible through postupcp (actions actually run after upcp has finished), might want to take a look at that on your own box [url=]cPanel & WHM Script Hooks
    Hello, Yes, postupcp can do this - but have more! I found nothing on postupcp, except the expected scripts of cloudlinux. Then researching more, I found the /var/cpanel/apps/ - inside have files for each plugin installed on whm. And the rvsite plugins have a line to call a script after cpanel update, lines like this: upgradecall=/usr/local/rvglobalsoft/rvglobalsoft/auto/autorvglobalsoft.cgi upgradecall=/usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/cgi/rvmanager/auto/autorvmanager.cgi upgradecall=/usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi/rvsitebuilderinstaller/autoinstaller.cgi upgradecall=/root/rvadmin/ name upgradecall=/usr/local/rvglobalsoft/rvsubversion/auto/autorvsubversion.cgi upgradecall=/usr/local/rvglobalsoft/sslproduct/auto/autosslproduct.cgi# name upgradecall=/usr/local/rvglobalsoft/symantecvip/auto/autosymantecvip.cgi So, after each upcp run, cpanel run these "upgradecall" - and the people of rvglobalsoft force the updates run. Is not to be a big issue, however update rv products can take HOURS... example, at this moment one of my servers start update rvsitebuilder and the script try download files from a offline host: [20131219.170435] [115394] Trying with [20131219.170435] [115394] [20131219.170435] [115394] /usr/bin/wget -O "/root/.cpan/sources/modules/02packages.details.txt.gz.tmp116178" [20131219.170435] [115394] [20131219.170435] [115394] to get [20131219.170435] [115394] [20131219.170435] [115394] / This mirror / is offline, and script from RVglobalsoft have a long timeout.. So I edited ALL files inside /var/cpanel/apps/ and comment the upgradecall lines - but this NOT WORK - when I run upcp in cpanel, the stupid script of rvglobalsoft come back and try update all stuff again. I cant find anything in /scripts/postupcp and in /var/cpanel/apps - maybe have another place to look - the question is: where? Thank for any input.

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