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Partition Disk Space Error



  • 24x7server
    Hello, I can see your / partition is created with the 50GB and /home size is only 5GB and if you want to increase your /home partitions first check there is free space is available on your server OR total disk space is used Check total disk size of your VPS through following command fdisk -l
    And check your LVM setup with the following command pvs lvs vgs
    Here is one of the good Article for you [url=]1&1 Help Center - Increase the Size of the Logical Volume
  • cPanelMichael
    Hello :) The message you provided indicates the /home partition is running out of space. You will need to consult with your VPS software provider if the tools they provide you to increase the disk space available to a partition are not working as intended. Thank you.

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