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Missing Email Accounts after Transfer an Account from old server to a new one



  • dalem
    Just make sure the mail transferred over (which it should have) and recreate the email accounts
  • privard
    [quote="pichon0512, post: 1466242">Hi! I'm transfering accounts from one server to another one, but when the transfer is complete all the files and the main site is running fine, just the email accounts are not, I have 0 email accounts. One of the transferred account is like 60 MB and I think the problem is not for the size of the backup file or something, also I tried to restore a backup file uploading the file to the server and again, the email accounts are not restored. Old Server Cpanel version is 11.36.2 New Server is 11.39.0
    Happened to me as well. All the mail folders transferred successfully though, so it was only a matter of re-creating the email addresses in cPanel and they were linked to the folders.
  • MironJ
    Happened to me as well. :) I fixed it several times just with re-uploading complete /home/cpuser/etc folder.
  • cPanelMichael
    Hello :) Please ensure you are using the latest version of cPanel available on your build tier. You listed 11.39.0 when is the latest version available. Also, note that you should only use the "Edge" build tier on non-production machines. Thank you.
  • Mimosa
    What email server are you using? When I use AA Mail Server to transfer accounts, although it will failed sometimes, but after I tried it again or serveral times, it would be successful.

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