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sni on centos 5.9



  • quietFinn
    [quote="logoldev, post: 1471872">How activate SNI on centos 5.9 + cpanel 11.38? We compile apache with latest openssl 1.0.1, but cpanel still says, that there are no SNI support on server. System openssl version is 0.9.8e. Pls, help. This feature is very important for us.
    It does not work in CentOS 5.x. See here: [url=]SSL FAQ is SNI support?
  • logoldev
    But maybe exists some manual way to add SNI support to centos 5.9? As example, plesk have SNI support on centos5.
  • cPanelMichael
    Hello :) I do not recommend attempting to manually update OpenSSL on your CentOS 5.9 system. You will likely have less difficulty migrating the accounts to an OS that supports SNI (CentOS 6, RHEL 6, Cloud Linux 6). You may want to check if your hosting provider or data center can assist you with this upgrade. Thank you.

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