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SHELL.PHP files founder under many accounts !!!



  • lorio
    A filename tells us nothing about its content if placed by someone who wants to abuse your server infrastructure. The shell.php inside the wordpress installations seems to be a simple wrapper for executing diff [QUOTE]home/www/wordpress/wp-includes/Text/Diff/Engine/shell.php * * This class uses the Unix `diff` program via shell_exec to compute the * differences between the two input arrays. * * $Horde: framework/Text_Diff/Diff/Engine/shell.php,v 1.8 2008/01/04 10:07:50 jan Exp $ * * Copyright 2007-2008 The Horde Project ([url=]The Horde Project)
    But without knowing the actual content of these files it is just a guess with odds in mind.
  • cPanelMichael
    Hello :) It's possible they are just the standard files included with the software, but I recommend reviewing the contents of the files to determine if they are malicious. Thank you.
  • kdean
    I can verify that the shell.php is part of the wordpress install.

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