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How to back to old phpmyadmin??? This is worst phpmyadmin update!



  • PenguinInternet
    You can just install phpMyAdmin manually into a hosting account and then you can use whatever version you want and it will not be updated with cPanel updates, although do bear in mind then that the normal security issues possibly apply then from running older software that may have vulnerabilities over time.
  • x-man
    If I good know this version is not limited to this design, this very stupid design, nice, modern but not functional! How to disable tree view option? If I disable it in settings that simple don`t helping...
  • cPanelMichael
    Hello :) The issue you are describing sounds similar to: [url=]phpMyAdmin / Feature Requests / #1435 Opening database should expand it in the navigation menu Could you let us know which version of phpMyAdmin is installed on your system? Thank you.

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