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Apache 2.4 vs Litespeed



  • cPanelMichael
    Hello :) I have moved this thread to the "Optimization" forum. You should receive more user feedback here. Thank you.
  • VirtuaLira
    I see a lot of post of this kind, but no answer, I looking for new post of Optimization/Apache but always the asnwer is look in the forum Optimization... but all the post is the same and no answer...
  • HSN-Saman
    FCGI and SuPHP are both great, I'd use SuPHP when security is a concern and FCGI when needs to run few websites on a server as it's faster and use less resources . Opcode cache is useful to reduce the load on the server with any kind of PHP Handlers. I've been big fan of MPM Worker all the times but it's hard to get it configured it you're not experienced with . I always prefer an Apache build to Litespeed in any scenario and all the times because of it's flexibility ,stability, security and speed . Thanks.
  • ivan.g
    We did not try Lightspeed with cPanel, but using the following setup and it works great performance-wise: - Apache 2.4 with MPM Event and mod_fcgid (via Easyapache) - Cloudlinux with PHP selector, having APC and Zend opcache (this cold have been native cPanel PHP with same setup: APC + Zend opcache) - Optimumcache (by Cloudlinux) This setup runs really well and sites are loading real fast. You can still use Apache 2.2 with similar setup - MPM Event, same works with no issues. In our experience suPHP gives awful performance and not giving any real security benefits. In the setup above PHP runs as process and owned by the user, which means default file permissions on user folders user:user work well. Apache runs as nobody.

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