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Setting up a 2nd cPanel Server


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  • Infopro
    Each cPanel server runs independently of the other and will require it's own license. [QUOTE]My question is simply, what is the most efficient way for me to expand my current single CentOS 5.x/cPanel cloud server to 2 servers?
    I'm not clear on your use of the word cloud in that sentence. [QUOTE]What is CloudLinux? CloudLinux is a commercially supported Linux operating system interchangeable with CentOS. It includes kernel level technology called LVE that allows you to control CPU and memory on per tenant bases. It is a bases for application level virtualization. CloudLinux delivers advanced resource management, better security and performance optimizations specifically targeted to multi-tenant hosting environment. This improved performance helps hosting service providers and datacenters provide better support to their customers, reduce churn and save money.

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