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MySQL server shutting down rapidlly please help!!



  • cPanelMichael
    Hello :) Could you verify that those same messages appear in your MySQL error log every time it's restarted? In particular, I am referring to: [QUOTE]130506 20:18:29 InnoDB: Log file ./ib_logfile1 did not exist: new to be created
    Also, could you elaborate on what's happening with MySQL? For instance, does it restart automatically, or is it simply failing consistently every few minutes? Thank you.
  • hostmk
    Hi, Here is all my log file please get it and loook up there more good,when the mysql shutdowns than dont start anymore just when i restart or reboot my root or mysqld server .vB Thanks
  • cPanelMichael
    You may want to review the active MySQL processes to see if there are any databases that are using up your resources. You can check this with a command such as: mysqladmin processlist
    Thank you.

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