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Server Name Indication (SNI) - usable?



  • cPanelMichael
    Hello :) I notice widespread use of the SNI functionality based on the number of support requests and questions pertaining to the topic. One step that may be helpful to you is to review statistics on the websites you host and see which percentage are still using outdated web browsers or operating systems. Thank you.
  • sehh
    I've already done a survey, for example one e-shop has 19.8% WinXP usage and 17.2% IE usage. If I just assumed the worst case scenario for this particular e-shop, I could speculate that all WinXP users also use IE only, then I can place a wild guess that nearly 20% of the users won't be able to view the site, which is quite a lot in this case. Even if the real number was less than 10% or even 5%, it would still mean that thousands of users won't be able to view the site. Just wondering how others are tackling the problem.

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