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how transfer TABLES MySQL from server 1 to server 2? (both with cPanel)



  • cPanelMichael
    Hello :) You can use the "mysqldump" utility to backup specific tables with a command such as: mysqldump database_name table_name table2_name table3_name > /path/to/database_name.sql
    You can then upload the SQL file to the destination server and restore it via: mysql database_name < /path/to/database_name.sql
    Note: The above commands assume you are logged in as "root" to both machines. Thank you.
  • 000
    [quote="cPanelMichael, post: 1492401">You can use the "mysqldump"
    Thanks master. Then no exist some command to transfer DIRECTLY and in format REMOTE from S1 to S2 ??? (S-erver) Some as: ssh root@S1 mysql "SELECT * FROM table X and INSERT INTO SERVER2"... This option/command no exist? Regards
  • cPanelMichael
    There are two separate MySQL servers running, so that would not work. I recommend using SCP or SFTP to upload the database dump to the destination server. Thank you.

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