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Load Balance Two cPanel Servers



  • bellwood
    It's quite easily done believe it or not. Use rysync to keep the public_html folders synced and use MySQL replication to handle mysql. On one server that you deem the master, use post account creation hooks and the API to create accounts on the other server to keeps things in sync. You'll also need a load balancer.
  • cPanelMichael
    cPanel currently supports clustering for DNS purposes only. There is support to host your databases on a remote MySQL server, however beyond that, there are no native options that allow for mirroring of your websites or automatic replacement of a network/IP address if the event another fails. I recommend searching our forums for "mirroring" and "high availability" for custom solutions that other users may have implemented. There are lots of discussions about the best ways to do this. EX: Load Balancing Between 2 cPanel Servers Load Balancing Load Balancing Servers cPanel Load Balanced Servers Also, feel free to add your input to the following active feature requests: Active Redundancy or High Availability Build in Load Balancing Thank you.

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