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Primary domain name removal



  • sarath8372
    Hello Frank, When you replace main domain with addon domain, document root of that addon domain will get changed to public_html (home/user_name/public_html). So you will need to copy website files to public_html folder. Since there will be files of old main domain under public_html there is every chance of files getting mixed up. So I would recommend leaving the main domain as it is. Expiration of the main domain won't affect anything on the account. You can access cPanel, webmail, etc using addon domains like addondomain.tld/cpanel and addondomain.tld/webmail If you want to replace current main domain with one of the addon domains anyway, follow the below steps : 1) Remove addon domain (domain that you want to make main domain) from Addon domains in cPanel. 2) Change main domain of the account from WHM : Home >> Account Functions >> Modify Account. 3) Copy files of the addon domain to public_html folder. To avoid any confusion/mixing up, I would recommend removing website files of old main domain from public_html folder. Note : Take a full account backup before moving/copying website files. I repeat, if you don't want to mess up websites, just leave the main domain as it is :)
  • cPanelMichael
    Hello :) Also, keep in mind that email accounts are not deleted, but rather they are updated with the new domain name. For instance, if you have test1@domain1 created, then it becomes test1@domain2 after you make the modification. You will have to create new email accounts for the addon domain name and copy over the email if you prefer to keep them the same. Thank you.

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