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SpamAssassin - Force Global ON for all accounts but one



  • cPanelMichael
    Hello :) 1. You can enable the following option under the "Apache SpamAssassin" tab in "WHM Home " Service Configuration " Exim Configuration Manager": "Apache SpamAssassin": Forced Global ON" However, note that you can't disable SpamAssassin for individual accounts when this is enabled. 2. Yes, the outgoing email is scanned by SpamAssassin when "Scan outgoing messages for spam and reject based on the Apache SpamAssassin" internal spam_score setting" is enabled, even if SpamAssassin is disabled for incoming email for the account. Thank you.
  • Legendary
    Thanks. Is there a way to set SpamAssassin to ON by default, but allow users to disable/enable SA whenever they want?
  • JaredR.
    Hello: There is no supported way to do this in the WHM or cPanel interface. However, if a user removes the .spamassassinenable file in the user's home directory, that will disable SpamAssassin for that particular account. That offers a manual way to do what you want. If you would like to see an option for SpamAssassin to default to enabled for new accounts, I recommend that you submit a feature request. You can do that here: That is a little different from what you want, though, so I suggest that you make a separate feature request for SpamAssassin to default to enabled for new accounts.

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