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certificate SSL



  • TechAmigo

    It appears there may be an issue with your virtual host entry. Therefore, verify that your domain is correctly directed to the server and examine the Apache virtual host entry to ensure proper configuration.

  • rbairwell

    I assume that the domain name is actually registered and has nameservers set which resolve to your server. Try entering in your domain name to services such as , , , - they should all come back with your server's IP address for the "A" record.

    If they come back with NXDOMAIN (or other "Domain not found"), then your domain name is not currently registered. You can double check this via sites such as and : they should return the domain name and the nameservers if it is registered and active.

    If they come back with SERVFAIL (or other "can't find... No response from server") means your server isn't returning the entries correctly (i.e. your server hasn't been told about the domain name to return the details). You can double check this by asking services such as to check the "Authoritative DNS" entry.

    It's possible that everything is okay with your domain name, but that you haven't allowed enough time for the details to "propagate/spread" around the internet after either registration or setting the nameservers - allow 48 hours for this to fully complete and things should be ok.


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