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cPanel account restore does not work for remote mysql profile



  • 24x7ss
    Hello :), The issue might be related to the MySQL version. Please check if the MySQL version is same on both the servers. Also try restoring the cpmove file manually.
  • gnusys
    Actually I was able to fix this . The issue was that I was adding the mysql server via lan IP (the profile has the lan IP) ;but cpanel automatically added only the grants from the cpanel main IP(public IP). The workaround is to add the lan IP in "additional mysql access hosts section" Would have been great if cPanel automatically detect the connection going via the lan ip and add the grants for this IP rather than the wan IP.
  • cPanelMichael
    Hello :) Internal case CPANEL-2825 is open to address an issue where activating a remote MySQL profile doesn't add local IP grants for users in new account creations or account transfers. There's currently no specific time frame on a resolution, but you can monitor our change log for this case number at: Change Logs - Documentation - cPanel Documentation Thank you.

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