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Looking for Server Monitoring Solution



  • Infopro
    You might do better to ask for this sort of thing on a forum like
  • 24x7server
    Hello :), You can install munin plugin on your server to monitor CPU, Ram and Server Load. Login your server through WHM >> cPanel >> Manage Plugins. If you want to access your munin graphs without WHM login, you can setup that with single cronjob. Please check the following thread and try to setup that if you want. Display Munin Outside WHM
  • Dradden45
    Monit works very well for this, you couple that with M/monit and it is really flexible and powerful. You can also have monit restart applications based on conditions. Let's say Apache is bogging down and showing very high CPU use. You can have monit restart it automatically. The options are really endless.
  • CraftyPanda
    Thank you all :)
  • MightWeb-Marcus
    Another good option is to setup an ELK stack and use a GUI like Kibana. You could then pass not only server usage statistics (and actually store them) - but also centralize server logging at the same time.
  • Duplika
    We also considered m/monit to monitor our cPanel servers, and since chkservd does something similar, we though we should disable chkservd if monit is restarting down services. Can someone confirm this? Is it safe to disable chkservd?
  • cPanelMichael
    Can someone confirm this? Is it safe to disable chkservd?

    Hello :) Yes, this is fine if you are using an alternate method of monitoring your services. Thank you.
  • syslint
    Why don't you consider nagios/icinga with nrpe. You can monitor even your cpu temperature, hdd health etc,. everything .

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