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cPanel and Amazon AWS



  • gryzli
    It would be good to first establish some baseline and see what resources you actually consume in your normal working condition. Does your blog runs on a server at the moment ? And what resources it is using ? There is no magic formula, saying for XXXX visitors, you need XXX resources, cause it strongly depends on your site, cms, plugins, database, and so on ...
  • 24x7server
    Hello :), Yes, First you need to monitor your site resources which you are using and then try to create AWS Instance for your sites. If you want to host some high traffic websites on your server then try to create 8GB VM for your sites.
  • tank
    Another option is using hosting like WP engine. Great customer service, then you don't need to worry about resources. WordPress Hosting, Perfected. WP Engine" You end up paying alot for hosting but you get what you pay for. Several clients of mine have really enjoyed wpengine hosting.
  • cPanelMichael
    Hello, Keep in mind the official cPanel & WHM AMI for Amazon Linux is available at: cPanel & WHM: The Hosting Platform of Choice on AWS Marketplace Note that currently it's only offered for cPanel version 11.52, so you will need to update to cPanel 56 after installing the image. More information on using an Amazon Linux AMI is available at: Amazon Linux - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Thank you.

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