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AutoSSL Mail Subdomain Doesn't Resolve


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  • cPanelMichael
    We are seeing the same issue as the OP, i.e. there are prominent warnings in the AutoSSL log files if there is no DNS entry for the "mail" subdomain, or if the "mail" subdomain points to an external IP (e.g. if a third-party mail service that requires it is being used). According to cPanel support this is by design (ticket id 8051835) We do not provide mail services on our cPanel servers, and we would appreciate not seeing this kind of warning.

    Hello @Tom Risager, I've moved this post to it's own thread so we can handle each AutoSSL issue separately. To clarify, it's by design that AutoSSL will exclude "mail.$domain.tld" from the certificate if it doesn't resolve to the server. However, this should not prevent the inclusion of the domain names and subdomains that DO resolve to the server in the generated certificate. Could you verify if that's the behavior you have encountered, and if so, clarify if it's the warning message itself that you'd like to see improved? Thank you.

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