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Allowed memory size exhausted WHMCS



  • cPanelMichael
    Hello, Could you verify if this system uses EasyApache 4? If so, you can use WHM's
    I've providing more context for my situation here because this seems to be a common problem on even a small installation of WHMCS on cPanel. 1. 33554432 is 32MB, which was calculated by division by 1024 and then another division by 1024. 2. The error emits from the command line - don't confuse the errors on the website front-end with errors from the command line. You'll only see these errors if you have CRONs setup to email you when there is trouble. 2a. When you delve on the front-end, using the **cPanel** interface rather than the **WHM** interface, you will see that the web front-end default is actually a lot higher. On my system it's 128M. 2b. You have to use the **WHM** interface to set the command line value. 3. If you are an ordinary user, and you don't have administrative access to the WHM front-end, you need to contact your host. 4. On my system, I had this oddity: It appears in this instance I was working on a legacy server, whereby the default was never adjusted as WHM was upgraded. 5. If you want to check your work, therefor check that PHP on the command line now has remembered your settings, do this: **# /usr/local/bin/ea-php73 -i | grep memory_limit** It should produce thtis: **memory_limit => 128M => 128M**

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