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SaaS Application & Multidomain SSL



  • ehask71
    Ok I just figured it out while looking over the SSL Hosts ....... For some reason when I installed the CERT, Key and Bundle before it didnt take and I noticed the Issuer was CPanel not Comodo. I deleted the SSL host, mv post_virtualhost_2.conf to post_virtualhost_2.conf.OLD (have to do this cause installing a SSL triggers httpd restart), reinstalled my MultiDomain SSL, adjusted the paths in post_virtualhost_2.conf.OLD, mv back to post_virtualhost_2.conf, and restarted httpd and boom its working fine Im not deleting in case someone is doing similar. Mods feel free to delete if you feel it should.
  • Infopro
    Thanks for updating the thread with your findings on this issue.

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