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Logview Plugin No Response from Subprocess



  • Infopro
    There is a similar thread here: Logview 500 error The user in that thread reports an issue with getting the logview update from it's website. I've contacted the author via the forums to sort this out.
  • xisn
    New update has been posted.
  • jndawson
    I contacted xisn and was informed that Logview is at Welcome to LogView! - LogView. Found it, installed it, works fine.
  • Fluccs Tech

    Sadly its no longer available as the log-view domain name has expired and deleted :(

    is there any other source for it? as it was a very handy tool.

  • Andy Baugh cPanel Staff

    Far as I can tell there's no other source. I looked on, and even though the bash script which installs it is mirrored there (due to it being hyperlinked), the tarball that the shell script downloaded by that script is not. Additionally there appears to be no contact information for the author on the old site. If anyone happens to know who authored this, I'd suggest contacting them.


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