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git pull Cannot allocate memory



  • vanessa
    Yea - your server is out of memory. If you're on a shared system and simply using shell access, my best guess is that your host has fork bomb protection enabled and set at the default (and unreasonably low) limits. First, you should run 'ps' to see what other processes are running as your user, and kill those off to free up some resources. If you've done this and the act of running 'git pull' is still a problem, you would need to talk to your host. Unless you have root access to the system we are not able to help you with this.
  • cPanelMichael
    Hello, The previous post should help explain what's happening. Let us know if you have any additional questions. Thank you.
  • Havri
    Hello, Yes, I have root access to the server. I will try your recommendation and switch some settings and come back with an update. Thank you.

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