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Is sodium missing from 7.2?



  • andrew.n
    Yes it is as this is the replacement of mycrypt in php 7.4
  • Cyber911
    Michael doesn't hang around the forums too much anymore, but I'm happy to help! Currently I don't have any updates to provide. I do see there is a case open with our developers to get that added to the product, but it hasn't happened yet. You're always welcome to request an update here and I can check things for you.

    Hey, are there any news on the topic "sodium" PHP extension in EasyApache? I'm really rarely this direct and frustrated, but it's a shame that cPanel did not get this done the last 3 years since when the sodium library got bundled with PHP 7.2 in standard installation, instead of providing a separated PECL module to install; cPanel just ignores this change until today and more and more software packages are not usable on cPanel hosted environments, like Shopware 6 (released 2019) :( kind regards, Sven B. 8)
  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator
    I have a tiny update. It looks like this is possibly, not guaranteed, scheduled for version 100.
  • Cyber911
    Hi @cPanelAnthony, can you give us any Update on this topic? The PHP-Module "Sodium" didn't make it into 100 as I noticed, timeline for "Shopware 5" is nearing EOL and still no chance to update to - or even evaluate - version 6 on cPanel hosted servers after 2 / 3 years... :( kind regards Sven B. 8)
  • cPanelAnthony
    @Cyber911 I will look into this and see if I can get you an update.
  • Cyber911
    Great news (extract from EasyApache 4 Changelog): 2022-1-12 ea-php74 [LIST]
  • ZC-7454: Add support for php-sodium. ea-php80 [LIST]
  • ZC-9605: Add support for php-sodium. ea-php81 [LIST]
  • ZC-9587: Add support for php-sodium. Finally the long missing module got integrated! :) kind regards Sven B. 8)
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  • coursevector
    holy buckets, it's finally done. This thread started in Dec 7, 2017, that took just over FOUR years....

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