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Sitepad Icons all squares instead of actual icons font awesome issue



  • SimpleSonic

    This is just typical Softaculous weirdness.

    In the end user admin dashboard, go to Settings --> Editor Settings

    Click the Enable Icons tab

    Uncheck "font-awesome5"

    Click Save Changes

    You'll immediately notice it is checked again, but if you now go to your Widgets as shown in your screenshot, they should appear. Weird.

  • Andrew

    Have you tried reinstalling SitePad? Their support might be the best to address this issue though.

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  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    As Andrew said, cPanel doesn't provide support for Sitepad, so I'm not able to assist with this on my end.


    SimpleSonic, thanks so much, that worked!

  • SimpleSonic

    You're welcome!


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