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apply theme paper_lantern



  • rbairwell

    Within WHM, there is the "Multi Account Features "with the "Modify/Upgrade Multiple Accounts" which should allow you to change the theme. However, cPanel said goodbye to Paper Lantern back in August last year ( starting in version 102 with it being removed in version 108. Yes, the version 100.* series does still support it, but considering the latest version is 116.0.9 you will be very much behind (with the last changes to that version being in March 2022 - ).

    [If WHM doesn't show "paper_lantern" as an option to change to, use your browsers Web Developer Tools to switch jupiter to paper_lantern - it *might* work]

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    I would strongly recommend updating your server to a more recent version.  Version 100 has been EOL for some time now.


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