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AutoSSL ... (+ CloudFlare)




  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Hey there!  Are you using Sectigo or Let's Encrypt for the AutoSSL provider?  I recommend most users use Let's Encrypt at this point.

    Can you check this article and see if that helps get Cloudflare configured properly?

  • Sarako


    I had Sectigo selected as provider. At some point I noticed that for one domain the logs returned something like "Sectigo can not accept more requests at the moment" ... So, I switched to Let's encrypt. After a while all pending and in progress SSL renewals went through with the Let's encrypt SSL.

    Thanks for the article. For the most part, I have fulfilled those requirements, since the majority of the domains are renewing their SSLs. There are a few ones which every three months complain - and likely, there is some other kind of redirection somewhere, and I will do deeper investigation in order to fine-tune those possible HTTPS redirects.
    However, this time, with these two domains - it seems like there was an issue with Sectigo.

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    I'm glad that's all it was!


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