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Install php 8.1 on alma linux how?





    The procedure has not really changed since 2018 give or take.

    If you are a cPanel user and do not have access to the WHM side than you have to ask your hosting company to install the new PHP version for selection or have it set for you. Selection itself to another PHP version can be done in the cPanel feature option MultiPHP Manager. But you can't install a new version with it only enable the already availiable versions in your account profile.

    The most easy install method with WHM is simply use EasyApache 4 (EA4) from the menu.  Than edit your current profile with the customize button, select PHP 8.1 under PHP Versions jump to review and make sure you do not have any module loss with the proposed profile change. Than after the review deploy the change.

    After that you still have to use the MultiPHP Manager to enable the new PHP version for the accounts that you want to update and after every account works as intended for some time you can simply deselect the older PHP version from EA4 and uninstall it.

    My advice however is to jump to either 8.2 or 8.3 as 8.1 already entered the security fixes only phase of the product cycle.

    You do need to make sure your code is compatible but it will save you having to repeat the action in 10 months when 8.1 is end of life. Most people will not run in any extra work implementing 8.2 or 8.3 compared to 8.1

  • jeffschips

    Thanks!  That works!  Have a great day and appreciate the quick response.


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