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My WHM server is not reachable



  • quietFinn

    in root command line:
    mysqldump database_name > database_name.sql

  • Marc Merlin BAPPA BA BEHEE

    hello thank you for this answer.
    i'm not a linux expert. so i'm at a loss.
    the problem is that i can't access whm i don't understand why!
    please help me

  • quietFinn

    Sorry I thought you have SSH access to the server.

    Seens port 2087 is blocked.

    I believe the best thing to do is to contact your host (Hetzner?).


  • Marc Merlin BAPPA BA BEHEE

    Thank you once again.
    I have been contacting Hetzner for several days. Here is their latest reply.
    i don't know what to do. for the last 03 weeks i can't access WHM.
    Dear customer.

    Thank you very much for your message. The packages for our dedicated root servers and cloud servers do not include software support. Nor do the packages include support for configuring these servers. For dedicated root servers and Cloud servers, we provide only the hardware, network access and necessary infrastructure; and of course, we support our customers in the event of outages or interruptions. If you are a customer of one of our dedicated root servers or cloud servers, you are responsible for the configuration and administration of your server and the software running on it.

    You can find information on configurations by searching online for these topics. You can also search for information on Hetzner Docs ( ). Our user forum ( ) is also a great place to ask questions about installations, software and configurations. Many active users are German, but also speak good English.

  • Marc Merlin BAPPA BA BEHEE

    i've just contacted hetzner again.
    here's their reply:

    Dear customer.

    As we have already written, such an option does not exist with us. If you cannot repair your operating system yourself, you can contact your system administrator.

    For our part, we can only offer to provide the Rescue system or a KVM solution to enable access to the server. In all cases, however, you will have to repair your operating system yourself.

    Yours faithfully

     Matthias Oeser

    Hetzner Online GmbH
    08223 Falkenstein / Germany
    Phone: +49 3745 744 47 100
    Fax: +49 3745 744 47 1050

  • quietFinn

    KVM would be your best option then, but it's not really possible in this forum to give instructions what to do.


  • Andrew

    Marc, maybe a simply reboot do something? Maybe cphulk blocked your IP? Can you try to restart your modem so you will get a new IP and that will hopefully give you access to the server again...

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